Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative AreasPrecise Formation of a Catalyst Having a Specified Field for Use in Extremely Difficult Substrate Conversion Reactions

Kohsuke Ohmatsu » Japanese

Affiliation Institute of Transformative Bio-Molecules, Nagoya University
Position Associate Professor
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Speciality Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Organometallic Chemistry, Molecular Catalysis, Supramolecular Chemistry
Keyword Supramolecular Catalysts, Chiral Ligands, Ion Pair, Asymmetric Synthesis
Institute Chemical Society of Japan, The Society of Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Japan


Development of Supramolecular Ionic Chiral Catalysts for Hitherto Difficult Asymmetric Transformations


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Original papers

  • "Diastereo- and enantioselective phase-transfer alkylation of 3-substituted oxindoles with racemic secondary alkyl halides"
    Kohsuke Ohmatsu, Yukino Furukawa, Mari Kiyokawa, and *Takashi Ooi
    Chem. Commun., 2017, 53, 13113-13116
  • "Determination of the absolute configuration of compounds bearing chiral quaternary carbon centers using the crystalline sponge method"
    Sairenji, S.: Kikuchi, T.; Abozeid, M. A.; Takizawa, S.; Sasai, H.; Ando, Y.; Ohmatsu, K.; Ooi, T.; Fujita, M.
    Chem. Sci., 2017, 8, 5132
  • "In Situ Electrophilic Activation of Hydrogen Peroxide for Catalytic
    Asymmetric α-Hydroxylation of 3-Substituted Oxindoles"
    Ohmatsu, K.; Ando, Y.; Ooi, T.
    Synlett, 2017, 28, 1291
  • "A Modular Strategy for the Direct Catalytic Asymmetric alpha-Amination of Carbonyl Compounds"
    Ohmatsu, K.; Ando, Y.; Nakashima, T.; Ooi, T.
    Chem, 2016, 1(5), 802


  • 「文部科学大臣表彰 若手科学者賞」
    受賞者:大松 亨介