Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative AreasPrecise Formation of a Catalyst Having a Specified Field for Use in Extremely Difficult Substrate Conversion Reactions

Kenji Hara » Japanese

Affiliation Department of Applied Chemistry, School of Engineering, Tokyo University of Technology
Position Professor
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Speciality Catalysis, Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Surface Science
Keyword Catalysis, Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Molecular Assembly, Structurally Defined Surface, Bio-mimetic Science, Nano-structure Science
Institute The Chemical Society of Japan, American Chemical Society, Catalysis Society of Japan, The Surface Science Society of Japan


Unique Catalysis by Precisely Designed Molecular Assembly on Surface


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Original papers

  • "Electrical Matching at Metal/Molecule Contacts for Efficient Heterogeneous Charge Transfer"
    Sato, S.; Iwase, S.; Namba, K.; Ono, T.; Hara, K.; Fukuoka, A.; Uosaki, K.; *Ikeda, K.
    ACS Nano, 2018, 12(2), 1228-1235
  • "Active Palladium Colloids via Palladacycle Degradation as Efficient Catalysts for Oxidative Homocoupling and Cross-Coupling of Aryl Boronic Acids"
    Sable, V.; Maindan, K.; *Kapdi, A. R.; Shejwalkar, P. S.; Hara, K.
    ACS Omega, 2017, 2(1), 204–217
  • "Heterogeneous Catalysis for Water Oxidation by an Iridium Complex Immobilized on Bipyridine-Periodic Mesoporous Organosilica"
    Liu X.; Maegawa Y.; Goto Y.; Hara K.; *Inagaki S.
    Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2016, 55(28), 7943-7947


  • World Congress on Chemistry & Enzyme Catalysis
    "High-Density Monolayer Arrayas for Catalytic Organic Transformation", Oral Presentation
    Hara, K.
    9/4/2018~9/5/2018, Venice, Italy
  • The 10th Singapore International Chemistry Conference (SICC-10)
    "Catalysis with High-Density Molecular Monolayers Aiming for Sustainable Organic Synthesis", Invited Lecture
    Hara, K.
    12/16/2018~12/19/2018, Singapore, Singapore
  • International Symposium on Catalysis and Fine Chemicals 2018 (C&FC 2018)
    "High-Density Molecular Arrays for Catalytic Organic Transformation", Invited Lecture
    Hara, K.
    12/10/2018~12/14/2018, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Indo-Japan Conference (ICJ-2018) on New Insights into Multifunctional Catalysis for Biomass Transformation
    "High-density Organic Monolayer as a Novel Type of Support Material for Sustainable and Unique Catalysis", Invited Lecture
    Hara, K.
    1/18/2018~1/19/2018, Pune, India
  • 2nd Symposium for Young Chemists on Precisely Designed Catalysts
    "Catalysis Utilizing High-Density Molecular Monolayers", Oral Presentation
    Hara, K.
    11/17/2017~11/18/2017, Gamagori, Japan
  • 2017 International Conference on Nanospace Materials (ICNM 2017)
    "High Density Molecular Array for Catalyst Preparation", Invited Lecture
    Hara, K.
    8/25/2017~8/27/2017, Shanghai, China
  • 2nd European Organic Chemistry Congress
    "Catalysis with High Density Molecular Monolayers for Organic Transformation", Invited Lecture
    Hara, K.
    3/2/2017~3/3/2017, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • International Conference on Catalysis and Chemical Engineering (CCE-2017)
    "High-Density Monolayers of Metal Complex for Catalytic Application", Oral Presentation
    Hara, K.
    2/22/2017~2/24/2017, Linthicum Heights, USA
  • 2016 Global Research Efforts on Energy and Nanomaterials (GREEN 2016)
    "High-Density Monolayer of Metal Complex: Preparation and Catalysis", Invited Lecture
    Hara, K.
    12/22/2016~12/25/2016, Taipei, Taiwan
  • International Symposium on Catalysis and Fine Chemicals 2016 (C&FC 2016)
    "Fe-immobilized Periodic Mesoporous Organosilica in Catalytic Synthesis of Amino Alcohol", Invited Lecture
    Shejwalkar, P.; Hara, K.; Maegawa, Y.; Inagaki, S.
    11/10/2016~11/14/2016, Taipei, Taiwan
  • The 30th Conference of the European Colloid and Interface Society (ECIS 2016)
    "Iron-Immobilized Periodic Mesoporous Organosilica as Active and Selective Catalyst for Amino Alcohol Synthesis", Oral Presentation
    Shejwalkar, P.; Hara, K.; Maegawa, Y.; Inagaki, S.
    9/4/2016~9/9/2016, Rome, Italy